About Us

a one stop shop for all your IT solutions
About Us

Covant Solutions is a one stop shop that delivers tailor made, efficient, and cost effective IT solutions to steam roll your company’stechnology front. Our proficiency in the field helpsexpedite the building of human and structural machinery of IT systems propelling companies to achieve maximum productivity, cost efficiency, and future proofing; after all business is a continual dealing with the future and we assist you leveraging it with ease.

Our work and its outreach speaks for itself, with past clientele ranging from premium to mid-market organisations worldwide including fortune 1000 companies; to name few- Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Walt Disney, Capital One, AstraZeneca, Wells Fargo, Fannie Mae, Merrill Lynch, SONY, Freddiemac, SUN Microsystems, Informa, and more.

The years of experience have strengthened and expanded Covant Solutions’ core capabilities as experts in IT issues letting us handle deliverables across all scopes and scales, internal and external structures, andtimelines thereby bolstering performance and productivity of businesses.Our range is exhaustive covering all technology and consulting deliverables. Our solutionsalso include calibrating external resources, knowledge pooling, outsourcing, as well as providing skilled and proficient internal human capitalensuring organisations have a technological forefront at the global podium.Covant Solution’s value addition to achieving business merit is augmented by keeping up with the exponential evolutionary curve of technological systems, which providing companies with customized IT solutions.

Modern Business models identify IT as being the key factor in edging the advantage for success in a highly competitive market. Thus, our business ethic hinges on couplingpremier service along with reliability. We only recruit those who, apart from being proficient, work efficiently in a team and share our core values. As Bob Nelson put it “You get the best effort from others not by lighting a fire beneath them, but by building a fire within.”, and we strive to let our values percolate to the deepest level.